Harrogate is so much more than just an Elegant Spa town. Civic pride and the nature of the people have ensured beautiful public gardens, lovingly well preserved Victorian architecture and a clear sense of Harrogate history.

The original Victorian Turkish Baths mingle comfortably with modern leisure facilities; quaint tea rooms tempt you with delicacies whilst the modern eateries tempt you with more exotic fayre; designer wear and antique shops work side by side to offer exceptional shopping and the beauty of the glorious Yorkshire Dales and Moors are all just a short journey away.

Harrogate is an incredibly attractive town with a richly woven, historic tapestry of architecture. Look about the buildings and feel the past in their shapes. Although mainly Victorian, Harrogate has excellent examples of many periods in history.

It is a set in one of the most beautiful areas of the British Isles. Situated just to the North of the sprawling cities of Leeds and Bradford and to the South of the rugged Yorkshire Moors, Harrogate is the perfect blend. Harrogate is sophisticated and cosmopolitan, whilst retaining the charm of many a bygone era. It can be a serene and peacefully picturesque place but is also lively enough to be one of the premier Conference venues in the world.

Conference Centre

The Harrogate International Centre, with a renowned 2,009 seat auditorium interlinked with seven exhibition halls and the delightful 864 seat Royal Hall, stands resplendent and is just a short walk from your base here at The Acorn Lodge. The entertainment’s schedule already includes world class entertainment such as: the Moscow Ballet, Go West, Jools Holland, Amici Forever as well as scheduled conferences concentrating on antiques and fine arts as well as swim wear and bridal exhibitions to name but a few highlights, in a packed calendar of events. Click here for more information on upcoming events.

Turkish Baths

A visit to the Turkish Baths is an indulgence you really should not miss out on. The building itself is exquisite and the tiling is pure art. After using the extensive facilities, you will be left with a feeling of exhilaration, euphoria and absolute cleanliness.

All you need bring are your personal toiletries as fresh, soft towels are provided. Allow yourself a recommended visit time of two and a half hours to obtain maximum benefit from the Turkish Baths

Firstly, after a shower, visit the Steam Room where high humidity, made gently fragrant with cleansing Eucalyptus, opens pores, penetrates the respiratory system and eases tense muscles.

Then have a shower before taking a bracing dip in the Plunge Pool.

Towel down and work your way up through the three inter-connecting Hot Room Chambers – Tepidarium (warm), the Calidarium (hot), and the Laconium (hottest) allowing the warmth to continue its therapeutic effect on skin and well being. Repeat this cycle as often as you wish, then spend half an hour cooling down in the elegant Frigidarium (Relaxation Room) to round off this enjoyable experience

Parks and Nature

Justifiably proud of being ” England’s Floral District”, the Harrogate District overflows with beautiful parks, floral displays and gardens, both public and those belonging to historic houses, castles and abbeys. The now famous Valley Gardens are so beautiful and varied, they have become gardener Alan Titsmarsh’s favourite.

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